Motivational Life Journey of Arshad Warsi – A Sneak Peak into his Life

Motivational Life Journey of Arshad Warsi – A Sneak Peak into his Life

Arshad Warsi is one of those actors in Hindi Film Industry who has entertained us with his serious and comedy acting skills. Arshad Warsi is one such actor in Bollywood who has chosen films  which suits him best. May it be comedy, action, or some serious drama like Jolly LLB, the actor has given his hundred percent. He has seen many ups and downs in life. Below are some interesting stories about Arshad Warsi.

Early Life

Arshad Warsi was born and brought up in Mumbai into a Muslim family. His father became a follower of holy man Waris Pak and they became Warsis. Arshad Warsi had a rich childhood as his father who was a poet and singer. The family owned two buildings on Grant Road.

Away from Parents

At the age of eight, he was sent to a boarding school away from his parents and he would rarely come to home only on holidays. This made a distance away from his home as his parents never seek permission to sent him home on holidays.

Letter Case

Arshad Warsi received no letters from his home like other kids who on a regular basis received letters from their parents in hostel. He would write letters to himself and ask the day scholar to go to the town and post it back to him so that everyone knew that he also received letters from his home.

Motivational Life Journey of Arshad Warsi – A Sneak Peak into his Life

Struggle Period

Arshad Warsi lost his parents and he brought himself up. He began to live life on his own. He worked as a door to door cosmetics salesman and also took up a job in a photo lab where he assisted Mahesh Bhatt.

As a choreographer

Arshad Warsi joined a dancing group where he realised that he love dancing and he decided to continue with. Arshad Warsi also choreographed musicals for Alyque Padamsee and Bharat Dabholkar. His career as a choreographer did well.

First Film

It was Jaya Bachchan  who gave Arshad Warsi a chance in ABCL’s venture, Tere Mere Sapne and recognized the talent in him. Arshad Warsi at first didn’t took the chance as he feared failure but later he moved on with the decision.

Motivational Life Journey of Arshad Warsi – A Sneak Peak into his Life

Tough Time

After doing the first film, Arshad Warsi for a period of continuous five years did a lot of work and suddenly after he had no work for almost three years. While he managed home, his wife Maria worked as a VJ and supported him financially.

As Circuit

Arshad Warsi got Raju Hirani’s first film Munna Bhai MBBS and he was casted in the role of circuit. It all started as his first director and Raju Hirani were friends. Raju Hirani loved him as an actor and offered him the role of circuit in his very first film.

Rough Patch

Arshad Warsi once forgot that he had a family too when he got involved in producing a film and now considered it as a stupid phase. At that time he believed in overdoing something but later he believed in having a perfect family.

As an Actor

Arshad Warsi as an actor had tried his hands on different roles and had successfully pulled them off in the most brilliant way. He also won many filmfare awards for his films.

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