Must Watch Hindi Bollywood Movies on LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) Stories


LGBT stand for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. Bollywood over the years have explored and experimented with contents. In the series of following experiments, Bollywood has come up with out of the box stories which also included a chapter of LGBT. The stories that Bollywood had made on subjects have a different perspective, it’s the other thing that some of the stories have worked well while some didn’t. But the kind of reality they have presented with a mixture of fantasy just can’t be ignored.

Here is the list of some films that are based on the subject.

Page 3

Page 3 is all about the social life if high class families that survive for their richness and making headlines in Page 3, a column for high celebrities. The film also explores various kind of relation like Gay, Lesbian and transgender and Bisexual and also reveals the secret behind such relationships.


A film about two close friends who predict themselves as gay in order to secure a apartment for themselves and also ensures everyone that they are gay couple while they are trying to win ladies heart.


Story of two woman’s who despite of having their relations look out to each other for satisfying their sexual needs and soon became closest of friends but also suffers setback when they both discovers the pain in between.

My Brother Nikhil

Majorly based on the concept of AIDS while the film also explores a gay relationship. When a swimmer is diagnosed from AIDS, he is disowned by the society and at that crucial time, he his helped by his sister and his boyfriend.

Angry Indian Goddesses

All about the woman’s and the relationships between them that are explored in mid of a party season. Angry Indian Goddesses depicts a side of reality that happens when issues like gender inequality and woman as sex objects and several other related issues came up.


An enunch who adopted a girl and brings her up on his own. However, it’s later realised that the abandoned girl is the daughter of a big man. The film moves on a relation between a enunch and girl and what takes on as she grew up.


Based on plot of two lesbian lovers who can do anything for each other but twist happens when a man comes between the two forming a triangle and later the consequences that revealed on having such a relationship.


Focuses on social issues in India on village society and rape and cross-dressing. Tells the story of a women who was raped before her marriage and rescued by a man who cross dresses himself.


A story about a man who fights an enunch to save his love. Sadak tells the story of prostitution area and its related problems where it is not allowed to love someone as it comes under the rule of prostitution area.


The story of Dr. Shrinivas Ramchandra Siras, who was suspended from his job because of his sexual orientation. Aligarh talks about the sexuality and open discussions and what it meant for some people.

Dedh Ishqiya

Story about two crooks who fall in love with two so called begums and try to woo them by their own tactics. Dedh Ishqiya revolves around the very much predicted love stories that happen by chance and also explores love relationships.

The Pink Mirror

Transsexual is a taboo subject in India. This film focuses on Indian Transsexuals  and a gay’s attempts to seduce a man along with two transsexuals. The Pink Mirror is a reality behind all the pain and reveals the dark side of the truth.

Margarita with a Straw

The plot is bisexual. A women suffering with cerebral palsy meets a man and a women and discovers that she is in love with both. The film explores sexual discovery journey and what takes to be a bisexual is all the film talks about.

I Am

I am is a multi story film based on different topics like gay rights, child abuse, sperm donation and Kashmiri Pandits. I Am has been financed from donations from people around the world.


Set in two different countries, the film Unfreedom approaches sexuality and violence with a focus on LGBT identities. The film moves around a lesbian and a bisexual lover.

Mango Souffle     

First gay male film from India. The story revolves a gay fashion designer and his relationship with her sister’s fiancée. Mango Souffle is all about a group of gay Indian Men.

Bombay Talkies

The celebration of hundred years of Cinema. The first story that was directed by Karan Johar focuses on gay relationships and the outcomes that follows after having homosexual relationships.

Honeymoon Travels

The film, Honeymoon Travels is a multi story film which focuses on various relationships. Having the blend of four stories, one of the story focuses on homosexual story of a couple who meet on the trip and rest follows the imagination.

Kyaa Kool Hai Hum

A film about sex comedy. Kyaa Kool hai hum also takes a dig at gay relationship with a humor. As the story moves ahead, the film, Kyaa Kool Hai Hum shown on how a person is trapped in a weird relationship.

Shabnam Mausi

A story about an Indian Transgender who was an elected member of Madhya Pradesh State Legislative Assembly. The film is set in a period when the transgenders were granted voting rights in India. Shabnam Mausi inspired many other transgenders to take part in politics.

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