Nadam (Sound) – India’s first experiential museum of Indian Music; Conceived and Directed by Indrajit Nattoj


Nadam (Sound) is an introductory movie for Indian Music Experience (IME), India’s first experiential museum of Indian Music. This exceptionally different movie is conceptualized and Directed by Indrajit Nattoj. The Centre for Indian Music Experience (IME) will be inclined towards exploring India’s traditional tinges, via its music. This unique place aims to encourage a renaissance of many genres of Indian music, from the cultural to contemporary. It is aimed at instigating a deeper bond with Indian music.

The IME, a non-profit group, will be devoted towards the progression of understanding and appreciation of Indian music.

While a customary ‘collection based’ museum compresses the notion that the soul of a museum is its assemblage and therein lies its individuality, an experiential museum signifies the idea that the visitor is central and the museum’s role is that of a catalyst in an extremely personal and transformational experience.

As good music is a soul-stirring experience, therefore, this movie Nadam is sure to stimulate intense gratification and adoration towards Indian music. This extremely unique and great endeavor by Blink Pictures Production will revolutionize the Indian musical society.

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