Nuela Charles – The Vocally and Visually Beautiful voice one needs to hear


Nuela Charles is an Alberta-based R&B singer-songwriter, is a pure beauty both vocally and visually.  Her new single – Fever. It is said that, after hearing Nuela Charles songs, life seemed to get easier. Her vocal stylings have a hint of Pop, which tugged directly at heartstrings.

Nuela Charles is a Canadian singer-songwriter. Be it Hip-Hop, Pop, Jazz, R&B or Soul, Nuela captures the spirit and confidence of them all. Currently based in Edmonton, Alberta but much like her music, she has lived an extremely diverse lifestyle.

“Fever” is a song of strength and faith, having the ability to heal. As long as you listen with an open heart and good intentions and is the second album of Nuela Charles. Previously she released “A Different Kind of fire”. The album won the Western Canadian Music Award.

Running away isn’t a smart move. And if you’re anything like me, those two little people weigh in heavy on your shoulders. Nuela Charles is my good conscience right now, Fever is one you need to listen right now.

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