Ouch, a hilarious take on the harsh realities of relationship – A short film by Neeraj Pandey featuring Manoj Bajpayee & Pooja Chopra


Manoj Bajpai never ceases to surprise us! He’s intense, quirky, witty, powerful and intimidating; all in just one face. If a movie is starring Manoj Bajpai, one can stay rest assured about his phenomenal acting, if nothing else. Ouch’ is such a short film directed by Neeraj Pandey that stars Manoj Bajpai and Pooja Chopra and a red suitcase. The plot of the film oscillates between the harsh realities of today’s relationships; the choices of wrong and right and the pickings from doable and ditch-able.

On their third anniversary, Priya (Pooja Chopra) repeatedly tells Vinay that she loves him. Priya also refuses his suggestion that they retreat into the bedroom of their five-star suite, and informs Vinay that she is leaving him for good. The complication is that Vinay and Priya are both married, and while he has told his wife about his lover, Priya hasn’t managed to share the good news with her husband. What happens next? It involves a red suitcase to play an important role and as Priya started revealing truths after truths make the story go further.

Ouch is an effortless attempt at showing the struggles of marriages these days. Without further ado, have a look at this masterpiece!

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