Ouija: Origin of Evil – Dialogues of the movie in which a girl is overtaken by a merciless spirit


Some people do crazy things

Mary, we invite you into our circle. If that’s you blow out the candles.

It’s always not easy to know the truth

This is a scam!

Every profession follows some rules

We do not attack the clients.

It’s all about the control

It’s your job to stand at the curtain and not attack the clients.

Some people try to be god

We help people, we give them closure.

There’s no one in this world that doesn’t have problems

Does she have  a lot of problems?

When you see strange things happening

What’s this? A Ouija board, for work.

Some things even beyond understanding of science

Spirit can you hear me?

When some unknown things happen

Something is happening that we can’t understand.

Never ever start something which you can’t stop

The spirit world is dangerous. By using the board you’ve opened up a portal.

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