Piyush Mishra – Inspiring Life Journey of Multi-Talented Personality of Indian Film Industry

Piyush Mishra – Inspiring Life Journey of Multi-Talented Personality of Indian Film Industry
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Our Film Industry is full of talent and immense talent and some of them have proved it well. They made their names high, one such personality of film industry is known by the name of Piyush Mishra, actor, lyricist, music director, singer and script writer. He became more famous after his role in Gangs of Wasseypur and he the most read person whose short lines are a craze amongst us.

Here are some stories about Piyush Mishra.

1Early Life Stage

Piyush Mishra was born in Gwalior to Pratap Kumar Sharma and grew up as Priyakansha Sharma but was later adopted by Taradevi Mishra, his father’s eldest sister who had no child of her own. His family also moved to his aunt’s house to ease financial burden.

2On to a different way

His parents got him admitted in a convent school with the thinking that their child may excel in academics and would grow in the field but Piyush Mishra apart from studies was attracted in activities like singing, painting, acting and writing poetries and these were important to him.

3The change of Name

When Piyush Mishra was in tenth standard, he filed an affidavit in the district court and afterwards he became Piyush Mishra from Priyakansha Mishra. The name was not a sudden decision, it was one of the choice of Piyush Mishra to keep the name.

4Way to theatre and Acting

Piyush Mishra chose theatre over studies. He took admission into National School of Drama and whole at NSD, Piyush Mishra composed his first music score and later he was introduced to acting technique in the play Hamlet.

5Career stage in Theatre

From the time, Piyush Mishra joined National School of Drama, he was weaved into theatre and after graduation, Piyush Mishra started his career as a theatre actor and also helped start the theatre group, Act One. He also wrote and directed many plays for Act One.

6Foray into Films

Piyush Mishra was happy with his theatre career and he was fully involved in his theatre group and in his later years, he was offered a role in the film, Dil Se which he got because of his freeing Tigmanshu Dhulia and Mani Ratnam gave him the role. Piyush Mishra later moved to Mumbai.

7Getting Over

Piyush Mishra at a time was a high drinker and a regular alcoholic. He often misbehaved with many girls and then he was a morally corrupt and a neech person and he suffered pain from it. His wife Priya kept patience with him and took him for treatment and he kept getting healed.

8Creativity comes freely

According to Piyush Mishra, drinking alcohol leads no one nowhere and also if you are a creative person and drinking regular, work can never be done. After Piyush Mishra left drinking, he was able to concentrate more on his work and creativity flowed easily.

9Penning down a Novel

Piyush Mishra is also writing down a novel titled as Hamlet Kabhi Bombay Nahin Gaye. It’s a fiction and a huge Novel which will take some time to finish, according to Piyush Mishra.

10The Journey

Piyush Mishra had measured a long distance, from being an NSDian and then coming into films, Piyush Mishra is one such name which is now the most taken name in the industry. He is writing several films and also planning to direct one.

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