Prachi Chaudhari – Indian –American girl would take part in the popular ‘’The Great American Baking Show’’

Pic: ‘The Great American Baking Show’

These days we come across many Indian-Americans making getting noticed by others for their superb contributions. Prachi Chaudhary is an Indian in USA has now become cynosure of many eyes.

This Prachi Chaudhary is from New Jersey in USA and at the beginning she had interest in cooking as it was her hobby during her free times. Later this hobby became her passion and she would soon be taking part in the well known ‘’The Great American Baking Show’’.

This show which was once the favourite show of many in USA has come back again and starting from 1st of December 2016 this show would be shown in the famous ABC television network and it would be of two hours duration. It is now said that this Prachi Chaudhari would be showing her creative ability plus flair on this show and would bring laurels.

This woman was born in the city of Mumbai in India and has done masters in human resources. It must be noted that she shifted to USA along with her husband and with time at her disposal she took to baking.

It is now revealed that this Prachi Chaudhary is very disciplined plus focused and that has taken her to another level now. Some of her interests are watching football, Formula One and going and having fun in the park with her family. It is important to mention that this show would be presided over by famous personality Mary Berry and she would be associated with a person Johny Luzzini who is a fellow judge.

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