Real and Fictional Bollywood Films based on Raw, Intelligence Agencies and Cross Border Operations of Indian Army


Bollywood over the years have defined the courage of our soldiers again and again on screen by films like Border, L.O.C., Lakshya and many others and the Bollywood has also come with some fictional subjects that mostly based on real incidents of cross border based on various spy and agents that work for country and in between the ongoing tensions with the very rival country, they often lose their lives too, doesn’t matter because by view of Bollywood and their dramatic presentations on how it’s all being executed shows the reality which in true terms is much horrific than we can ever imagine. The pain is real.

In our this article, we go by some movies (Real and Fictional) which show the operation of our Indian Army and their cross-border activities and also the operations of RAW and Intelligence agencies that keep spy’s and get into the system and basic and major operations and how they decode it. Let’s have a look at the movies which have depicted the reality as well as projected the courage and the determination of our soldiers and agents.

Ek Tha Tiger

Directed by Kabir Khan who is famous for making films on Indian Army and spy agents have presented this fictional reality on a spy agent named Tiger who was assigned the responsibility of breaking the codes. The film was based on RAW and Intelligence agencies and armies of the rival countries who breaks in to the other country and mentions the possibilities of sufferings.


Another spy movie on our officers. The movie represents the plot as how an Intelligence agency appoints a team of officers to kill criminals/terrorists who are a danger to our society. The plot revolves around as how the appointed officers perform the task by planning a strategy and then execute the operation across the country.

Madras Café

Based on a real life incident, the killing of Rajiv Gandhi by assassins. The movie reveals as how the killing plot was designed by taking on human bombs for the killing of an President and how they move towards their target and how an officer in between who has almost lost his personal life intervenes in between but finally failed in rescuing the operation.


Based on the Mumbai Terror attack, 26/11 done in the hands of terrorists under the influence of most wanted terrorists, Hafiz Syed. The film was a fictional dramatical representation based on a book which takes the journey of an unknown spy to Pakistan with the aim to kill the mastermind behind the Mumbai terror attack.


Another fictional drama where a top cricketer has been kidnapped and for his release, two officers came in way who actually works as investigation officers and ends through many channels of mediators who are somewhere directly or indirectly involved in the kidnapping.


Based on Indian Army operations on capturing a terrorist back and the killing of him as he is projected someone who is a danger to the country. The film also reveals the famous hi-jack scene which was inspired from Kaandhar.

Agent Vinod

The all-rounder spy movie which travels across the nation uncovering many aspects of the truth through the view of an Indian agent/Spy. The film deals with many deals that have been done between nations and their commanders and many unknown faces which are hidden behind many faces.


Based on the famous dreaded gangster- Dawood Ibrahim currently based in Pakistan and a major surgical operation by Indian Army to bring him back across the border anyhow. The film also uncovers the battle of agents with terrorists hidden in small areas.

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