‘Rock On 2’ Story is all about following your dreams, team work and removing your stage fear


Rock On, the first movie was a real success. People liked it especially the young generation. Rock On team has come up with Rock On sequel “Rock On 2”. Trailer of the movie is released.

If you watch the trailer you will observe below things.

Team Work

When you run a band you need many people. When many people with different skill set are involved to achieve a single objective then you really need good leadership and excellent team work. Conversations between the band members teach about team work.


Stage Fear

It’s not easy to perform on stage. People go through stage fear. In one of the scene from the movie Farhan Akhtar speaks to Shraddha Kapoor about overcoming stage fear.



Shraddha Kapoor in the movie talks about some incomplete songs. She gets the response that as a team those will be completed. Team work brings efficiency to speed up the work.



When you work in a team lot of confusion and misunderstanding happens. No matter what situation you are in, communication should never be broken.

Watch Trailer of Movie Rock On 2

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