Samantha Renke – This actress from East London shared her thoughts on anxiety, depression etc and is superb


Mental health is very important and plays crucial role in a person’s development. It is very important that both physical as well as mental health must be considered equally. Most of us give importance to our physical health and not take mental health seriously. This article is all about actress Samantha Renke whose mental health and physical health were not great but still she was superb with her determination. Samantha Renke spoke about how she had depression right from her young age itself after she had lost her loving dad and how she struggled to come terms with that.

It is really shocking and sad when she says about her rare body condition. This Osteogenesis Imperfecta or brittle bones is her condition where her bones become brittle thereby leading to numerous fractures and surgeries. The good news is this body condition has not stopped her leading a happy and rich life like others.

Samantha Renke shows superb positivity and she is very special. Samantha also spoke about how her anxiety was high and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD was a factor in finding if she has got a fracture or not.

It is said that because of her bone problem she could not grow to normal height like others. She also said that when she was a teenage girl her anxiety levels were so high and she would not show it outside.Samantha Renka also revealed how she was inspirational to many and made many people believe in themselves. Superb Samantha Renke!!

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