See how to boldly take on the challenges of childhood with the official trailer of “Gang of Littles”


Recently released “Gang of Littles” an exciting and fun movie about kids, their aspirations and the masti they indulge in during their growing up process. This movie teaches us to keep track of our dreams and not to lose sight of the ambitions we set for ourselves.

We all have had our share of misadventures and calamities during our schooling years and this movie will take us back into time and remind us of days bygone. The film focusses of a group of friends and their escapades all in the midst of a unique bunch of teachers and the all-important school principal.

However, their friendship is tested when they have to face a stern test and how they come out of it unscathed forms the crux of the movie. There are many sequences that are humour-filled and is peppered with dialogues that will surely tickle your funny bone. Interspersed with comedy and some serious moments as well, the movie will entertain and give us a few lessons of life as well. To know what this movie has in store for us, watch this exciting trailer here.

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