‘She would climb sofas and was full of energy’ – Prakash Padukone on his daughter Deepika Padukone’s Life Journey


Prakash Padukone is Indian sports legend. He played for India for many years. He is true son of India. Now his daughter famous Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone is taking father’s legacy to next level. She has been very successful in Hindi cinema. Daughters are always emotionally attached to parents. While in an interview with TOI, Prakash Padukone shared about Deepika Padukone’s life journey.

No, she was very naughty when she was young and was almost like a boy. She would climb sofas and was full of energy. Today, she is totally different and is so concerned about us. Until just five years back, we would tell her, ‘When you take a flight inform us, when you reach inform us.’

And just two years back she is telling us, ‘When you board you message me, when you land you message me.’ Sometimes I feel bad as she is alone, especially if all three of us are there and she is not there, but that is the price you have to pay and I have gone through that myself, be it being not there for festivals or birthdays. She has become very responsible.

When your kids are with you, you don’t give them responsibility. When she moved out she was only 18 and we were concerned about her. Right now, she is very hard-working, focused and defines her own goals for herself. She is also emotional and balanced.

This is really emotional. This is true that Deepika has really worked hard to make a place for her.

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