‘Sleepless’ Movie Dialogues – Action Thriller revolves around Story of an Undercover Police Office


At 04:27 a squad car got a call, stand speeding, they rolled downtown. Officers reported shots fired. They found bodies, everywhere.

We’ll take that, me and Kas.

This city is crawling with dirty cops.

Ladies and gentlemen, the baddest, the finest.

Big, bad, policewoman, I like that.

Son, I love you. There’s just some things I can’t explain. You just have to trust me.

Vincent Downs, you stole something from me. Bring it back or your son’s not coming home.

They said it was just going to an easy grab. Well it ain’t no easy grab, they got T!

Whatever you’re aiming at, make sure you’re prepared to kill it.

I’ve been working undercover for two years.

I will pay every cop on our payroll to see Vincent Downs is dead.

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