Super Dialogues of Movie – Jack Reacher: Never Go Back


Every detail matters

What the hell happened here? What the hell happened here? He’s still in there.

Some people have their own style

Two things are going to happen in the next ninety seconds. First that phone over there is going to ring. Second, you’re going to be wearing these cuffs on your way to prison.

When you miss someone important

Who the hell are you? I’m the guy you didn’t count on.

When someone praises someone

You’re a legend. Folks wonder why you left. Purple Heart, Silver Star. There is this big dent desk, people say you made it with someone’s head.

When you get a surprise

Jack Reacher. I’m here for Major Turner. Major Turner has been arrested. On what charge? Espionage.

Always ask for help

I need your help, they killed my men. Someone’s killing soldiers, men that used to be under your command.

There’s always a right time to start things

It’s time to start hunting.

When you don’t know what’s happening around

I don’t know your role on this ship, I promise you I’ll find out. Nothing to find.

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