The best of you need to see from AIB – Flirty Message League-This one is LOL featuring Tanmay Bhatt and Mallika Dua


You will see yourself in every second of this video. Tanmay Bhatt and Mallika Dua joins the conversation and the output is more than expected and more than just hilarious. This video from AIB is a take on modern dating and will leave you in splits. The video titled Flirty Messaging League (FML), follows a boy asking a girl out on a date.

The video titled Flirty Messaging League (FML) is easy to relate to as it portrays a boy asking a girl out on a date by reaching out to her on a messaging app. From the first message to awkward situations, the video takes a dig at the way modern couples flirt.

By the arrival of social media, conversations have changed. They allow people to convey more and more and modern day dating too has been transformed by the Social Media coming in and this is the portration of Google Allo app too. It has opened doors for netizens to communicate in a more effective way.

AIB has been known for coming out with videos giving a hilarious twist to everyday events and now they have taken a dig at the way young couples indulge in flirty conversations.

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