The Ghazi Attack – The Epic Underwater Tale that lost in the History – A film you can’t miss

The Ghazi Attack – The Epic Underwater Tale that lost in the History - A film you can't miss

It was 1971 and Indo-Pakistan war had raged on a high volume. That was the war everyone knew about and then came the news that India defeated Pakistan and that was the victory everyone cheered but there was another rare incident that happened before this Indo-Pak War and that too had a fight but not on ground, it was fought under water, beneath the ocean, the Indo-Pak War you did not know about – The Ghazi Attack. Recently the trailer of the film had been released and it shows the patriotism soldiers fought for.

Let’s know about basic insights.

As we have heard about it that PNS Ghazi had a mysterious sinking while the submarine was in search of INS Vikrant and the only mission was to locate and hunt it down and then what caused it’s sinking has laid a mystery for Pakistan.

PNS Ghazi had got its origin from U.S. and it’s actual name was Diablo (Devil) that was a tench class electric diesel and the first fast attack submarine. While Diablo was in U.S., it had many stories behind but later the fast attack submarine was handed over to Pakistan on loan after the Pakistani Navy applied for it. The submarine came to Pakistan and there it was named PNS Ghazi, Ghazi was actually the reporting name of the Fast attack submarine.

The Pakistan Navy undertook a heavy mission when the war between India-Pakistan (1971) broke out and then was the time when PNS Ghazi confined to a single and the only prior mission, to locate and hunt down INS Vikrant (Indian Navy). On the other side running was another story. The launching of PNS Ghazi reached Indian Navy and came a mission of locating the PNS Ghazi.

PNS Ghazi was out for INS Vikrant but circumstances turned when it tried to located Vikrant and failed due to the unavailability of the exact location. PNS Ghazi experienced difficulties along with other issues that led to its sinking. Not only this, the story had another version too which reveals the other side. As reports claimed, INS Rajput dropped bombs on PNS Ghazi and destroyed it completely which came out as a failure and PNS Ghazi sanked beneath the ocean and that remained a mystery forever.

The trailer of the film itself showed incidents based on true facts and what led to the destruction of PNS Ghazi. The film has Rana Daggubati and Taapsee Pannu, Kay kay Menon and the Legendary actor Om Puri.

Rana Daggubati will be seen portraying the role of Captain Arjun, a naval officer who remained underwater along with his team for a total of 18 days and portrait the courage and the undying patriotism. Filled with action and adventure, the film is all set to release on 17th February, 2017 and will uncover the real mystery behind.

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