The “Sanskaari” Avtaar of Alok Nath: How he became a Sanskaari Stardom of Social Media

Pic: Dailymotion

Social Media basically has acted as a storm. The most recent which people can remember that has bring many sights and memes on one such person is Alok Nath, the man who has acted in various television serials and films and majorly played roles of a full Sanskaari character and over the decades, his character has been overtaken in every second film, may it be Hum Aapke Hain Koun or Hum Saath-Saath Hain. The era of that Sanskaari character didn’t ended up over there. Since Social Media has grabbed everything so well and has taken into consideration everything, and then there arrives this star, our very own Babuji aka Alok Nath. Also the Sanskaari man of Social Media.

It was the night of 30th December when a handful of people started tweeting about Alok Nath. The tweets were jokes made on the Sanskaari roles he has portrayed in his films and soon, the entire Indian Twitter crowd jumped on to the bandwagon. In no time, this yesteryear’s actor started trending nationwide.

We have a perspective on how Alok Nath has become a rage and how he took the memes and jokes on him.

He suddenly went viral on Social Media and in the hands of Twitterati’s, he got triggered on for his eternal “Babuji” role. Even he was confused that why he was being trolled so much with some unnecessary jokes on a website that he doesn’t even use-Twitter. He only use Facebook. His kids then answered him with the reason.

According to them, “last night Rajshree’s Hum Saath Saath Hain was playing on TV – the kind of movies from this stable are all about family, values, parenting etc and I play the eternal Babuji – so some dialogue in the movie which had Sanskaari values must have tickled somebody’s funny bone and he made a pun on them. And soon other people joined as if they were waiting with bated breath.”

On being trolled highly in the hands of trollers, Alok Nath said that at first his reaction was like that why the hell he was being targeted for such things. He also added that, I am a low-key kind of a person. I had no idea how to react. Should I go on rooftops and shout that I am popular? Should go sit in my sad sullen corner? Or should I retaliate in any way? But after some time, he was relaxed by the jokes and has started taking them on a lighter note and then came several tweets which made him laugh like Alok Nath ka Kutta Bhow-Ji Bhow-Ji karta hain instead of barking.

Also the fame he attained through Social Media had helped him personally. He had 12 interviews with major news channels, had interactive sessions with youngsters where he received standing ovation. There was a series started in which he played the role of a “Babuji”.

Twitter is not Alok Nath’s cup of tea and he also don’t want to be part of Twitter but on a serious not the Trending of Alok Nath as a Sanskaari tag had helped him a lot, in fact he made a lot of fans and was also invited in various shows and talk-shows.

Till date, Alok Nath wants to meet the man or boy who has started all this and wants to give him his Aashirwaad as he brought a dead person alive.

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