‘The Space Between Us’ Movie Dialogues – Sci-Fi Adventure based on Story of Two Teens from Different Worlds


“I want to go to Mars,” I wrote those words when I was twelve years-old. Mars is a planet ready for life. In twenty hours six astronauts will travel to Mars not to visit but to live there!

Zero gravity. It’s unchartered territory.

His heart will simply not have the strength in the earth’s gravity.

He wouldn’t even survive the trip back to earth. So the child remains classified on Mars?

Gardner is a sixteen year-old boy. He’s met than less than fifteen people in his life. His physical development is at the perfect place to do it.

His heart can’t handle our gravity. It’s too risky!

He knows about earth, and he knows it’s all happening without him.

Bring him home.

What if no one knows I exist? I’m raised by scientists.

Study lab is over. Gotta go. Talk tomorrow?

I’m not going anywhere.

Once foster care spits me out I’m gone. Nobody’s ever real, you know.

My best friend isn’t even real.

Yeah, sometimes I feel like I’m from a different planet too.

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