The Tickle Box’s wacky and crazy take about finding an address in Desi Google Maps ka Dhobi Pachad!


We Indians have a completely unique style when it comes to explaining directions to a particular address. While some may go out of the way to help strangers, others can be indifferent and apathetic. This address chutiyapa explores this inimitable trait in a humour-filled video “Desi Google Maps ka Dhobi Pachhaad”

A couple is out riding on a bike and come to a halt at a place to ask directions. They call out to a man who is cleaning his scooter and ask him if he knows where 13/2 is, “Sharmaji ka makaan”. The man in his own unique way begins explaining where he feels 13/2 could be and after many turns and bends, finally shows him the way to Navin Sharma’s home. When the couple points out that they want to visit Arvind Sharma, he again launches into a long winded direction, this time leading them to a roadside side laundrywala who could guide them to the right place.

The entire video and its actors are pretty straight-faced throughout but the underlying humour is unmistakable. The lead actor, the guy who is guiding the couple has done a fantastic job of portraying a person who is unconcerned about the other person’s need to quickly reach the destination.

We all encounter such individuals, now known as Desi Google maps, in our daily life and this video will remind all of us about them. Watch this funny video here!

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