This Gujarati film titled ‘’Bapu Kya Chhe’’ produced by High Speed Entertainment and Rupali Entertainment is simply superb


Directed by Pankaj Trivedi a Gujarati film titled ‘’Bapu Kya Chhi’’ has been in the news now. It must be noted that this film is being bankrolled by two big production houses namely High Speed Entertainment and Rupali Entertainment. It is important to note that this film story is fun- oriented story of an 88 year old man named Bipinchandra Jagirdas who was in coma for the last 68 years.

It is superb to note that this man Bipinchandra Jagirdas Gandhi or Bi Ja Gandhi was the last person with whom Mahatma Gandhi spoke before he breathed his last. It must not be forgotten that when Mahatma Gandhi was killed this Bipinchandra Gandhi or second Gandhi was caught in the stampede and he was hurt badly. Later he went into coma for 68 years. He was kept alive as he was regarded as national treasure.


At this juncture the whole country is waiting eagerly for him to wake up from long coma and the people wanted to know Mahatma Gandhi spoke to him before he passed away in the year 1950. It is said that this Bipnchandra wakes from his coma and asks one question ‘’Bapu Kya Chhe?’’.

At this point the government did not want to reveal the truth that MHATMA Gandhi passed away so the government does its part so that this Bipinchandra could meet Mahatma Gandhi again. Thus the search for a Mahatma Gandhi look alike is on and a person who drinks and a womanizer was chosen to act as Mahatma Gandhi now.

The sequences that follow are highly hilarious that brings the roof down and this film with a social message is highly anticipated. This film has superb star cast of Dharmendra Gohil plus others like Avani Modi, Mihir Gupta, Pankaj Trivedi himself. Superb!!

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