This is what Deepika Padukone shared about her battle with depression on World Mental Health Day


While visiting NDTV, Indian actress Deepika Padukone shared about her experiences of handling depression in last one year. She did talk about depression last year as well.

Deepika went through depression while she was doing shooting for Chennai Express in the year 2014. Last year she opened “The Live Love Laugh Foundation” which is working hard to help people get out of depression.

This is what Deepika talked about while speaking with Dr Prannoy Roy.

“Dobara Pucho” is the seed of the campaign. We all go to parties, schools, colleges and ask people all the time – Hey! What’s up? Here I am asking a question, but not looking for an answer. I think we should take 2 min extra to really ask. It’s important to take out that extra minute and reach out. Or don’t reach out at all.