This Musician Eddy Mann would be releasing his album titled ‘’The Consequence’’ on the Election Day on 8th November 2016 and is superb

Pic: GroundReport

Eddy Mann is a well known musician born on 14th January in 1954. Known for his piano dabbling as well as drumming skills this Ed Mann has caught the attention of many. It must be noted that he and Frank Zappa did many things in mallet percussion performances on the stage from 1977 to 1988 and surprised many audiences with their superb skills.

It is superb to note that this Eddy Mann associated with Mike Dillon on the north-east USA tour and was superb. It must be noted that music album titled ‘’The Consequence’’ would be released on the day of the presidential elections and that is on 8th November 2016. It is now said that pre sales would start on 11th of October and music album downloading would be available on the Election Day itself.

The great piece of information is the album would be available on all music retailers plus it would be available on his website’’’’.

According to Eddy Mann releasing his music album titled ‘’The Consequence’’ on the day of election is right. He is of the view that everyone needs to go out and vote, make a difference and sway the consequence’’. Eddy Mann expressed his thoughts about the power of true love and threw light on how tough living a compassionate life would be.

It is now confirmed that title track first single and video would also be released on the day of the election. This music album was produced by Indie productions and Eddy Mann and is sensational.

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