This ‘’Schirkoa’’ is the first animated short film from India to get qualified for the prestigious Oscars


This is a sensational piece of news that is spoken highly by many now. It is not always a animated short film from India gets qualified for the prestigious Oscar Award. A film titled ‘’Schirkoa’’ is now qualified for the prestigious Oscars and is tremendous.

It is worthy to mention here that this animated short film ‘’Schirkoa’’ is a 14 minute film and it is made by computer graphics artist plus filmmaker Ishan Shukla. It must be noted that this sensational short animated film is one amongst 70 films that are in the race for this great Oscar Award.

The interesting piece of news that has come out now is this short animated film was made using computer for four years. It is now revealed that this film could not make it to the top ten lists of ‘’Best Animated Shorts’’ category.

The superb news about this film’’ Schirkoa’’ is this short animated film made sensation at the SIGGRAPH at Asia 2016 where it got ‘’The Best of the Show’’ award. It is important to note that this sensational short film caught the attention of many all over at the Sydney World Film festival and it won the ‘’Best Animated Short Film’’ award.

It must be noted that this short film is all about a senate member who faces difficult choices between political life, brothels and his love for a woman. The latest news about this short film is director Ishan Shukla has got plans to release the film in full on Vimeo in the coming year 2017.

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