To Develop Your ‘Hosting Talent’ Get Inspired from these Hindi Bollywood Film Stars who are Expert in Hosting Film Award Shows

Film award shows are the most entertaining piece of programs that we see. It’s full of light n all that glamour and also has sparkles all around and nonetheless to add on it, it’s being hosted by our favorite superstars that made the evening. Their quickie sense of humor, all the weird activities they do that made us laugh is all about the award show and its entertainment. Here we will discuss some award show hosts, the superstars.

Shah Rukh Khan

The King of romance who is the superstar of award shows too. He guarantees full entertainment as well as crack jokes by delivering the performance. The Baadshah has his own style n sense of humor. He is the one who presents award shows in the most fantastic way.


Vir Das

The only thing he is famous for is his comedy timing and his way of talking and presenting awards. They more seem like a comedy show than actual awards and every time he is winning hearts by cracking some rib-tickling jokes.


Ayushmann Khurrana

The actor has really got some humor which makes us laugh. He makes the stage full of fun. Ayushmann Khurrana present the award shows in the most light way and makes the ambience accordingly. He is also a good singer and sometimes sings too in the award functions.


Shahid Kapoor

Hosts the award show in funnier ways. He mimics and makes fun on the stage. Sometimes get a dashing entry and surprise all, the actor is all in one package that comes with a complete entertainer. Shahid Kapoor gives the surety of fun on stage.


Kapil Sharma

The No. 1 comedian whose jokes had a long laugh. While presenting award show, Kapil Sharma always makes fun of his co-host too and there is no one that is spared by him. His jokes, his comedy timing is just superb and watching him hosting is a pleasure.


Salman Khan

The Big Boss of award shows. Whether its new year awards or film awards or some other function, Salman Khan truly owns it. He is the most amazing personality on the award shows who never misses an opportunity of the entertainment.

Pic: India Today

Manish Paul

Hosting is his job and he does it perfectly. Manish Paul takes every celebrity on stage and makes a good chemistry with them. His sense of humor and his way hosting the award show has a great impact and there he creates a perfect laughter for everyone.


Karan Johar

A great host who pulls it off very well. Karan Johar takes the award show hosting in a very elegant manner and presents it in the most genuine way. Apart from hosting the awards, Karan Johar also entertains with the fun he takes as a dig on other people.

Pic: Zee News

Boman Irani

All the fun with one person. His humor, his entertainment is the factor he has been hosting the award functions. Boman Irani takes it with some rib-tickling jokes and fun on other actors and co-hosts and even makes fun.

Pic: iDiva

Ranbir Kapoor

The actor of the young generation who known all the acts and is a complete entertainer too. Ranbir Kapoor is the most charming host who woes his audience by his performance and award show hosting.


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