Transgender Blonde Girl Caroline Cossey was born as a boy and kept it as a secret

Pic: Playboy

The model and actress was known to millions as Bond girl Tula, for working on a TV game show and was in demand as a model when it was revealed she’d been born a man. She told her story to Sunday Mirror of how she became the world’s most famous transgender woman. It all started after a press conference where she was mocked with personal questions and after which she swapped all the parties but now she is back in the limelight with her head held high. She says that being transgender was like a death sentence – it still can be in certain countries.

Caroline, 62, transitioned from male to female when she was 20 but she recalls that she was assaulted by a fan in bathroom and how she was devastated by the incident. Now things have changed and she look at other trans women in the public eye, doing well for themselves and commanding respect. Now she is finally ready to come back and hold my head up high. She travelled  the world doing interviews trying to show people that trans women were just normal women, not circus acts.

She also recalls a horror interview where US shock jock Howard Stern, dressed as a woman and made a joke about cutting off his penis.

“I’d gone from Vogue to this. I had hatemail saying I was an abomination too. That’s when I began to shut down, to turn down all work. I needed my sanity back. We moved to Atlanta and for six months I didn’t leave the house. No one knows but I had a complete breakdown. I needed to find the real Caroline again – not Tula.”

When Caroline was outed her story helped countless transgender women and she admits being a role model is a reason why she has started working again today. She also received hundreds of letters from girls whose lives are saved because of her.

She has also had a long chat with the world’s most famous transgender woman, TV star Caitlyn Jenner, 67 – who as retired athlete Bruce Jenner was married to Kim Kardashian’s mum.

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