Veteran Comedian Paul Rodriguez shares an emotional moment when his mother died & he couldn’t perform on a show

Pic: YouTube

Life is full of uncertanities. Things can happen any time. We can plan things but we can’t have full control on them especially when we face unexpected circumstances.

This is what happened with famous Mexican-American stand-up comedian and actor Paul Rodriguez. His mother died and he couldn’t perform for an event. As reported by, this is what this great actor said.

“Comedians have to leave their problems off stage. But we’re human. My mom died and I had to be on stage the next weekend in Chicago. I couldn’t do it. It was the only time I ever walked off the stage. The promoter was nice enough not to sue me.”

“I only have one mom. Parents are the basic foundation of life. I still haven’t fully recovered. I miss her so much. She was everything to me. I was a mother’s boy, now I’m a motherless boy.”

Great emotions!!

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