Village Roadshow boss Graham Burke shows concerns over movie piracy

Pic: flickr/

Movie piracy has become a big problem for the film industry across the globe. If this is not handled it could kill film industry that’s what fears Village Roadshow boss Graham Burke.

While speaking at Australian International Movie Convention on the Gold Coast, Village Roadshow boss Graham Burke stressed on below concerns.

What site-blocking is going to do is make it very hard and when it becomes hard and we deploy our campaigns, I am confident that we will get a very positive outcome.

If you look at Korea, which is a Western-style democracy where similar steps have been taken, and the UK, the outcome has been extremely positive.

Once we take down 100 criminal websites we will get an immediate and dramatic effect. Australians would no more go into whip a Mars bar off the shelf than pirate a movie. Some will but the bulk of people are decent and law-abiding.

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