Watch Aamir Khan’s Amazing Transformation from Fat to Fit for his Movie “Dangal”


Aamir Khan’s latest movie “Dangal” is about to hit the movie screens soon and is a hugely awaited movie. Aamir Khan plays an ageing wrestler, Mahavir Singh Phogat and the father of four daughters whose aim is to win the gold medal for his country but is unable to do so. In his quest for the medal, he seeks a son but is blessed with four daughters instead. He is so passionate about his dream that he decides to raise his daughters as boys so they can enter the championship and win the gold medal.

Aamir had to increase his weight a lot to suit the 52 year old overweight wrestler with a paunch. The challenge however was to reduce the weight and come back to a fit-as-ever Aamir. The perfectionist that Aamir Khan is, he suggested they shoot the ageing Aamir first so he would have the incentive to reduce later on.

The diet played a major role in helping Aamir to do so but it wasn’t easy at all. Aamir’s dietician was based in the US and he, along with the physical trainer, chalked out a low calorie diet that would help Aamir to reduce weight and the bulk that he had accumulated over the past months.

After a rigorous exercise schedule, there was a time when Aamir wanted to quit but his trainers egged him on to keep training. The transformation was dramatic when, after five strenuous months of intensive training Aamir was ready to show off to the world.

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