Well Established Actors of Hindi Bollywood Cinema now taking Bollywood to New Heights with their Film Production Investments

Bollywood has been taking some really big steps to raise the bar of the Hindi Film Industry for which experimenting with different subjects and bringing in high contents is now the major formula for Bollywood. The Actors and Producers of Bollywood are going forward with such high contents and now an era has begun where they themselves are accepting that the bar has to be raised and for that they are changing their mind set. In Industry, there are actors n producers who have taken a step towards it.

Here are some names.

Ajay Devgn

The one name in action hero who has seriously taken the step to raise the bar of the industry. The recent example is Shivaay where he turned producer for the movie and took the film to new heights and showed something grand. The film was high on story line.


Akshay Kumar

Needless to say but the actor is doing something really big to the industry. There is nothing that this actor can’t do. Tagged as a action hero, Akshay Kumar is now choosing subjects that have huge content and are executing well.


Shah Rukh Khan

The actor who has tried his hands on different subjects. From Paheli to high fiction movies and then to biopics, Shah Rukh Khan has experimented it all and his contributions in the field of cinema is outstanding. He is still making efforts to take it to the global level.


Salman Khan

Over the years, the actor has tried his hands in the production field too. Apart from being an actor, he has also turned to producer for some of his films that are taking a stand on the global level. Salman Khan is now a choosy man doing high content films and raising their bar.


Aamir Khan

Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood. Aamir Khan is extreme. The kind of cinema he chooses is exceptional and picks up stories that define Bollywood in a whole new way. Every film of Aamir Khan is different from the other and he makes sure that with every film, Bollywood touches new heights.


John Abraham

Known as the muscle man of the industry. John Abraham is one such actor whose efforts are a level higher in the industry. By raising the action bar through his films, he is making full effort that cinema reaches on to another level and with films like Force, he has proved it.


Anurag Kashyap

The Badass director of Bollywood who has been making cinema of  his own kind. His films like Dev D and Gangs of Wasseypur have done extremely well and received worldwide appreciation. Anurag’s effort is to take cinema on a global level.


Priyanka Chopra

One Bollywood actress who is making her name in Hollywood also. Priyanka Chopra is too good actress who is simply unbelievable in her acting and her production house is making films in other genre and trying for films to reach universally.


Farhan Akhtar

More than being a actor, Farhan Akhtar as a producer-Director is more n more making films like Don series with high technology. Farhan Akhtar like to go into more deep with his films and try to explore more n more.


Saif Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan under his production house has done films like Agent Vinod and apart from this, he has been involved in out of the box cinema which has its reach outside Bollywood.


Prabhu Deva

Choreographer turned actor turned director who do out of the box thinking and action is his area. Prabhu Deva’s films are entirely the creative thinking that does impossible and their reach isn’t limited to Bollywood either.


Sohail Khan

The Producer cum Director who knows what will work and what not. Sohail Khan’s efforts are shown in his movie and he does all the best things to make the best of everything. He is coming up with projects that can raise the bar.


Arbaaz Khan

Actor turned producer who is capable enough to give new heights to Bollywood. Arbaaz Khan is surely taking the shots to turn it into the big level and give Bollywood a new meaning.


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