This is what an Indian Soilder feel about ban on Pakistani actors – Actor Ronit Roy shares an incident


Now days there are lot of issues going on in between India and Pakistan. There are three aspects.

1) Surgical strikes whether these were done by India or not.

2) Indian politicians asking proof of surgical strikes.

3) Debate of banning or not banning Pakistani actors in India.

Famous actor Ronit Roy shared view of an Indian soilder which was shared to him by one of his friend.

“I will tell you what I felt when somebody told me something and I will let you come to your own conclusion in this matter. This friend of mine — who is also an actor — knows a jawan from the Indian army who is fighting at the LOC. My friend told me that he had a conversation with the jawan about this ban and the jawan, in return, asked him a question, ‘we are fighting here day and night for you, facing a shower of bullets for you and you are sitting there in Mumbai and drinking tea with those (Pakistani) actors?’ That story stayed with me and I hope you got your answer.” (Source: Indian Express)

This is true that there are people in Bollywood who always think about comercial success of a film. We are not saying who is right or who is wrong but such matters should be kept away from politics.

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