When Sachin Pilgaonkar gave his first shot for films with 103 degree fever

Pic: zeenews.india.com

Sachin Pilgaonkar is a wonderful actor who started acting at a very early age. He has acted in many films in Hindi and Marathi cinema. Apart from films he has done great work in TV as well.

Sachin comes from Goa who got shifted to Mumbai because of his father’s work. He was just four years old when he faced the camera first time in his life.

While in an interview to DNA, this legendary actor shared an inspiring incident as how he gave his first shot in high fever and something interesting happened.

I was burning with 103 degree fever on the day I was to give my first shot. Concerned, my father tried to dissuade Raja Paranjape who was giving me the break in Ha Maza Marg Ekla. But he pleaded arrangements had been made and promised not to keep me long and my father agreed.

And guess what? The moment they started putting on make-up, my fever began going down. By the time I stood up to say my first line, it’d vanished.

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