Why Him? Movie Dialogues – Romantic Comedy is a Story of an Overprotective but Loving Dad


From the moment she’s born a man’s daughter is the center of his universe. You give her love, you give her encouragement, you watch her grow into a strong confident woman. And then one day you come face to face with the love of her life.

Looks like he works out quite a bit.

Stephie, get ‘em up here!

I’m so fucking psyched that you’re out here for the holidays.

This is a fifteen year-old child.

Oh, shit! You don’t say fuck?

I have a little surprise. Da-dah!

Is that our Christmas card?

And it says “Happy Holidays” and everything.

It says “Happy Holidays”?

Woh, fuck. I didn’t know he’d put “Happy Holidays” on there. I guess that’s on me forever now.

Laird has literally no filter, but he’s a really good guy.

Remember when we made love in the hot tub? Steph opened up like a flower, you should have seen it.

I shouldn’t have seen it but now I feel like I have.

It turns out her boyfriend is this internet zillionaire.

No father would want their daughter with this guy.