World’s Best All Time Biopic Movies which one should must watch in their Life


Biopic are based on real life story and real life characters. They tell the tale of what had had happened in someone’s life or how one cleared all the odds or how one survived. There are different subjects, different story and different characters and when their story came on screen, it’s termed as Biopic. Like a mirror whose job is to reflect the reflection, same is biopic, it displays the reflection of one’s story and how it happened and what goes into the making of a life. Cases are not same everywhere but still from each story, there is one thing that can always be learn and when it comes to Hollywood, they make sure that every stone is unturned while making a biopic.

Here are some biopics that are must watch.

Selma (2015)

Selma is an historical drama film based on Martin lither King and voting right marches happened in 1965. Martin Luther King was eager to secure obstacle free voting for the people of Alabama. The civil right drama has some real moments as what had happened and also the obstacles and hurdles of the King are shown.

The Big Short (2016)

The film is based on the book, The Big Short which speaks about the financial crisis triggered by the United States Housing Bubble. Christian Bale plays the hedge fund manager who found out that the United State Housing market is unstable on high risk loans. The film shows on predicting the credit and housing bubble collapse and a lack of foresight.

Bridge of Spies (2015)

Based on the cold war, a soviet spy had been arrested and to his defend, an American lawyer was hired who then help the CIA for the exchange of the spy in return for the soviet captured American spy plane pilot. The historical drama film shows how the spy exchange took place.

12 years a slave (2014)

The most successful in biopics. 12 years a slave is a period film about a African-American man who was kidnapped from Washington and from there he was sold into slavery. It’s all about the life of a man before his final release and the struggles he went through and the odds he fought. 12 years a slave received acclaims from all over the world.

Rush (2013)

Sports Drama film. Based on an incredible true story, Rush is about the fierce rivalry between Formula 1 drivers that happened during Formula One Motor racing session. The film also shows the aspect of fame, sex and drugs. Rush won all the awards and was also nominated for the best biopic on sports film.

Spotlight (2015)

The film focuses on investigation in child sex abuse that is widespread. It was the true story behind the scandal that shook the world as its layers got uncovered. The story broke the silence of many and disclosed going on rackets. The film clearly reveals that there are many areas where the child sex scandal is still going on and they are need to stop.

Captain Phillips (2013)

The film faced a lot of criticism and was also covered in many issues. Captain Phillips is based on the hijack of the U.S. container ship Mearsk by a group of Somali Pirates. It’s a survival film where Captain Phillips is taken as a hostage by the gang of Pirates.

The Social Network (2010)

Based on the popular social network, Facebook and its founder Mark Zuckerberg and the issues revolving around. The film depicts on how Facebook idea got an origin and how it was developed and gained popularity. The social network presents all the elements before you and also uncovers the life of Mark Zuckerberg and his college days.

The Wolf of Wall Street (2014)

A comedy crime film based on the life of Jordan Belfort who was a rich stockbroker and soon enters into the crime and corruption world which leads to his downfall. The film shows the high and lows of Jordan Belfort’s life and how he ended up into such a bizarre world and what made him drawn towards the crime life.

The Kings Speech (2010)

Based on the life of King George VI who became friends with a speech and language therapist and declares the first wartime radio broadcast on British declaration war of Germany after his brother hand over the thrown to him. The film received a wide appreciation.

Philomena (2013)

Some stories never face off and Philomena is one of those stories which leave a mark. Philomena is based on the life of a women who was in search for her son. The film incorporates her journey through odds. The women was forced to live in a convent after her son was taken away from her. Philomena has captured the essence of the story.

Dallas Buyers Club (2014)

Dallas Byers Club is a story of an electrician whose job was protect people from AIDS and get all the medications they need. His life was revolving around his work system until one day he himself was diagnosed with the disease and then his story begins. Dallas buyers Club is all about Dare to Live. The Drama biopic received much acclaim worldwide.

American Sniper (2015)

A Navy SEAL officer becomes a legend after he save many number of lives in a war, all thanks to his pinpoint accuracy. But after the war when he return back to his home and his family, to his surprise he discovers that after being surrounded by his family, he can’t leave the war behind and that was the only thing he can’t get off. American Sniper came in the best action biopic.

The Imitation Game (2015)

Based on World War II, The Imitation Game is based on the life of a mathematician who undertake and make an effort to crack the enigma code taking help with his fellow mathematicians. The Imitation Game is a thriller biopic and was succeeded in all efforts of making a movie on such a true story. The Imitation Game is very interesting as a biopic.

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